The Boot Camps

Intensive two and three-day programs designed to develop and enhance the skills of professionals who serve as expert witnesses and the attorneys who present and cross-examine them.


The courtroom can be a challenging environment for both attorneys and expert witnesses as they match their skills and wits in the presentation of expert testimony. Trial attorneys must be skilled in the strategic presentation of their own experts and for the effective cross-examination of their adversary’s experts. Expert witnesses, skilled in their technical disciplines, must also understand the dynamics of deposition and trial and possess exemplary communication and persuasion skills.

Courtroom Boot Camp for Attorneys

The Courtroom Boot Camp for attorneys is an intensive two-day program for attorneys who present and cross-examine expert witnesses.  Attendees will be guided and critiqued by our experienced faculty of attorneys and experts. The program will focus upon strategies for the persuasive presentation of expert witnesses and effective cross-examination of opposing experts.  

As we focus upon the opposing expert we will explore ways to attack an expert’s credibility through challenge of credentials, assumptions, and foundation. The Boot Camp will be culminated with live mock trial segments during which each attorney will have the opportunity to present and cross-examine experienced experts, and be critiqued by our seasoned faculty members.

Courtroom Boot Camp for Expert Witnesses

The Courtroom Boot Camp for Experts is an intensive three-day program designed to develop and enhance the testifying skills of professionals who serve as expert witnesses. At the Boot Camp, participants will learn the art of delivering effective testimony and how to withstand grueling cross-examination. Each participant will serve as a testifying expert in deposition and at trial.

They will also learn how to dissect and critique the reports and opinions of opposing experts and how to prepare counsel for the expert segments of trial. Each participant will be coached and guided by members of our faculty of seasoned experts and trial attorneys. Each Boot Camp culminates in a courtroom setting during which each testifying expert presents and defends his or her own expert opinions on the witness stand.

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Financial Expert Series for Attorneys

Understanding, Preparing, Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts


“If a party’s lawyer cannot understand the testimony of the party’s own expert, the testimony should be withheld from the jury. Evidence unintelligible to the trier or triers of fact has no place in a trial.” (ATA Airlines v. Federal Express)

Attorneys who practice in the areas of business litigation, family law, employment law, intellectual property law and other areas involving financial issues typically retain CPA’s, Valuation Experts and Economists to present expert testimony relating to the financial issues. Attorneys who have an understanding of the expert’s work are much better positioned to use the expert’s analysis most effectively throughout the proceeding, craft direct examination that will present the expert to be most credible and persuasive, and to be prepared to strategically cross-examine the opposing expert.

Courtroom Boot Camp, LLC now offers its Financial Expert Series to provide attorneys with a working understanding of the expert’s work in Business Valuation, Damages and other financial areas. The series consists of the following three one-day workshops:  

Day 1: Business Damages and Business Valuation for Attorneys

Day 2: Challenging Business Valuation and Business Damages Experts

Day 3: Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts: A Courtroom Skills Clinic

The courses may be taken individually or together as an integrated program.

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More than just teachers.


Our faculty consists of seasoned professionals who have a passion for educating and training their peers and colleagues in the rigors of the litigation environment and the courtroom.


Michael G. Kaplan


Mr. Kaplan has more than 39 years of experience in the areas of forensic accounting, business valuation, and litigation consulting. He is a cofounder the Courtroom Boot Camp and principal of Kaplan Abraham Burkert Associates, Forensic Valuation Consultants. Mr. Kaplan has rendered services in numerous litigation matters and has qualified to testify in court as an expert witness in approximately 250 matters.

Mr. Kaplan is actively involved in the educational field. He has served on the faculty of the Marshall School of Business and Leventhal School of Accounting at the University of Southern California. He has also served on the faculty of the National Judicial College.  He is regularly called upon to present workshops on courtroom skills to both trial attorneys and expert witnesses.  Mr Kaplan is a frequent and award winning speaker at professional educational conferences. He has developed and presented continuing education programs in expert testimony, financial forensics, economic damages, forensic accounting, business valuation, and strategic and communications skills for experts and trial attorneys.

Jeffrey D. Diamond


Mr. Diamond is a seasoned attorney and educator.  He has been a lead instructor in workshops in expert forensics and courtroom skills for attorneys and for expert witnesses.  Mr. Diamond brings the Courtroom Boot Camp program his 36 plus years of experience as a practicing litigation attorney, specializing in Insurance Law and related matters, with extensive experience as both a trial and appellate lawyer.  He has been recognized by the prestigious legal publication Martindale-Hubbell as an “AV” rated attorney, the highest rating that this publisher awards to those lawyers who exhibit preeminent ability and ethics and has been honored annually as a  Georgia Super Lawyer since 2013.   He has earned a reputation amongst colleagues and clients for his knowledge, experience, professionalism and integrity.  Having relocated from Los Angeles, California to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007, Mr. Diamond is an active member of both the State Bars of California and Georgia.  

He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Insurance Law at Georgia State University College of Law and Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. Mr. Diamond is known for his enthusiastic, entertaining and dynamic teaching style as he shares his knowledge and professional experience with Courtroom Boot Camp participants.


Carlton R. Marcyan


A certified public accountant and financial planner, as well as an attorney, Mr. Marcyan has in-depth experience in financial discovery, analysis, and litigation. Prior to joining Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP, he worked for one of the largest international accounting firms and the Internal Revenue Service as a researcher. He is a senior partner at the Chicago based firm of Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck, LLP and its immediate past Chairman.

He is an experienced trial lawyer primarily focused on complex financial litigation. Mr. Marcyan is a guest lecturer on law, accounting, and valuation. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a member of the American Bar Association, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and Illinois Society of CPA's. He is a past president of the Advocates Society and he has authored numerous articles.

Mr. Marcyan has been listed in Best Lawyers of America for the past 10 years, named a Leading Lawyer by the Law Bulletin Publishing Company, selected an Illinois Super Lawyer. and honored as the 2012 Chicago Family Law "Lawyer of the Year" and the 2014 and 2011 Chicago Collaborative Law "Lawyer of the Year" by US News & Best Lawyers.

Mr. Marcyan’s attitude toward teaching fellow peers is unrivaled.  His instruction, feedback and subsequent critiques were refreshing, warranted and insightful.  He has a knack of distilling complicated dialogue into its most simplest form, allowing attorneys to turn complex techniques into everyday practice by the end of the program.  
Alan H. - Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, CA
I recently had the pleasure of attending a course taught by Mr. Kaplan. In a word... Excellent! He was very informative and professional. I consider myself fortunate to have him as a resource. 
Sheryl D. - M.S., CPA, CVA, Seattle, WA
I have found that Mr. Kaplan's insights along with his teaching style to be something that can only be described as superlative.  His knack for demonstrating how to simplify the complicated has served as an invaluable resource for my professional development.  
Robert M. - CPA, CVA, MAFF, Birmingham, AL
The program was an invaluable opportunity to learn from experts with more than 100 years of combined experience and hone my trial skills.  Having the opportunity to learn from Carl, Jeff, and Michael is invaluable. 
Anthony S. -  Attorney at Law, Encino, CA
Imagine knowing BEFORE you get into a courtroom what it's like to be on the stand. Imagine your client and their attorney actually taking your advice. Imagine getting a chance to know how opposing counsel thinks. Imagine an insight on how to get a jury or judge to not only pay attention to you, but respect your opinion as well.  Now that you are done with class, imaging having a new group of colleagues and instructors you can call and bounce ideas off of, even years later.
I'd like to say thank you to Jeff Diamond for making those a reality. Thank you for grilling us and not letting us give up. Thank you for letting us make mistakes and not embarrassing us.  Thank you also for your continued support and advice through the years.
Louise H. - CPA, MT, MAFF, Castle Rock, CO