Mr. Marcyan’s attitude toward teaching fellow peers is unrivaled.  His instruction, feedback and subsequent critiques were refreshing, warranted and insightful.  He has a knack of distilling complicated dialogue into its most simplest form, allowing attorneys to turn complex techniques into everyday practice by the end of the program.  
Alan H. - Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, CA
I recently had the pleasure of attending a course taught by Mr. Kaplan. In a word... Excellent! He was very informative and professional. I consider myself fortunate to have him as a resource. 
Sheryl D. - M.S., CPA, CVA, Seattle, WA
I have found that Mr. Kaplan's insights along with his teaching style to be something that can only be described as superlative.  His knack for demonstrating how to simplify the complicated has served as an invaluable resource for my professional development.  
Robert M. - CPA, CVA, MAFF, Birmingham, AL
The program was an invaluable opportunity to learn from experts with more than 100 years of combined experience and hone my trial skills.  Having the opportunity to learn from Carl, Jeff, and Michael is invaluable. 
Anthony S. -  Attorney at Law, Encino, CA
Imagine knowing BEFORE you get into a courtroom what it's like to be on the stand. Imagine your client and their attorney actually taking your advice. Imagine getting a chance to know how opposing counsel thinks. Imagine an insight on how to get a jury or judge to not only pay attention to you, but respect your opinion as well.  Now that you are done with class, imaging having a new group of colleagues and instructors you can call and bounce ideas off of, even years later.
I'd like to say thank you to Jeff Diamond for making those a reality. Thank you for grilling us and not letting us give up. Thank you for letting us make mistakes and not embarrassing us.  Thank you also for your continued support and advice through the years.
Louise H. - CPA, MT, MAFF, Castle Rock, CO