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Lessons from the Stage

Changing lives with the power of theater with communications specialist and peak performance trainer, Jesse Wilson

Lessons From The Stage is a powerful, engaging, and revolutionary approach that provides the communication edge to win more cases. Jesse Wilson teaches lawyers to discover the emotional heart of a case and then construct a compelling story that the jury can believe, connect to and empathize with. To be effective in court, you and your team must be effective outside of court – you must work as a cohesive unit, communicate and collaborate with deep understanding, and understand the nuances of telling winning stories.

These are the skills that make the difference between winning and losing cases. This unique, powerful and creative hands-on experience is designed to take you and your firm to the next level.

From his origins in working with inmates, TEDx Speaker and Juilliard Theater Graduate Jesse Wilson has created "Lessons From The Stage,” the #1 success tool for Lawyers, Leaders, Veterans, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Screenwriters, Therapists, and all who defy titles, looking to give their peak performance in every area of their life.

“Jesse is doing something amazingly different. I believe all trial lawyers can benefit from ‘changing things up’ with his highly unique Lessons From The Stage program.”
— Gary D. Fields, Esq. Fields Law; Fields ADR