Financial Expert Series for Attorneys

Understanding, Preparing, Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts

overview of the three one-day worksHops

“If a party’s lawyer cannot understand the testimony of the party’s own expert, the testimony should be withheld from the jury. Evidence unintelligible to the trier or triers of fact has no place in a trial.” (ATA Airlines v. Federal Express)

Attorneys who practice in the areas of business litigation, family law, employment law, intellectual property law and other areas involving financial issues typically retain CPA’s, Valuation Experts and Economists to present expert testimony relating to the financial issues. Attorneys who have an understanding of the expert’s work are much better positioned to use the expert’s analysis most effectively throughout the proceeding, craft direct examination that will present the expert to be most credible and persuasive, and to be prepared to strategically cross-examine the opposing expert.

Courtroom Boot Camp, LLC now offers its Financial Expert Series to provide attorneys with a working understanding of the expert’s work in Business Valuation, Damages and other financial areas. The series consists of the following three one-day workshops:  

Day 1: Business Damages and Business Valuation for Attorneys

Day 2: Challenging Business Valuation and Business Damages Experts

Day 3: Presenting and Cross-Examining Financial Experts: A Courtroom Skills Clinic


Approved for 22 Illinois MCLE hours