Program Overview

Sharpen your skills in this three-day intensive boot camp for expert witnesses

September 27-29, 2018 (Chicago, IL)
November 8 -10, 2018  (Chicago, IL)
December 3 - 5, 2018 (Los Angeles, CA)

Total Cost for the 3 Day Program is $1695.

Each day begins at 8:30am and ends at 5:30pm


Courtroom Boot Camp in an intensive three-day program designed to develop and enhance your ability as a professional to make you a better performer in a courtroom whether you are the expert or the attorney. This program is not an esoteric exercise, but a "hands on" learning experience that will test you, stress you, and finally build up your skills providing you confidence and experience in the legal battlefield, the courtroom. 

Witness participants will learn the art of delivering effective testimony and how to withstand grueling cross-examination. Lawyer participants will learn how to "put on" convincing direct examination of expert witnesses and how to attack them on cross examination. The program begins with a general discussion about the law and procedure. Next, deposition skills are developed with the help of instructors' comments, advice and example. Professionals will learn how to dissect and critique the expert reports and opinions and how to prepare with counsel for trial. Lawyers will be given opportunity to take strategic depositions as well as conduct in-depth direct and cross examination of experts. Each participant will be individually coached and guided by faculty who are seasoned experts, communications specialists, and trial attorneys.

A trial will be conducted with the attorney participants carrying out the direct and cross examinations and experts testifying. We welcome you to the challenge and the opportunity to grow as a professional and experience the rigors of the courtroom. 

At Courtroom Boot Camp, attendees will be guided and critiqued by our experienced faculty of attorneys, experts and communication specialists with a focus on:

  • The art of delivering effective testimony

  • How to withstand grueling cross-examination

  • How to dissect and critique the reports and opinions of opposing experts and how to prepare counsel for the expert segments of trial

  • Mock trial segments - Each Boot Camp culminates in a courtroom setting during which each testifying expert presents and defends his or her own expert opinions on the witness stand.

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