The Truth, The Whole Truth, Storytelling & Persuasion 

Eight One-Hour Webinars for Expert Witnesses

Serving as an expert witness can be a daunting challenge for even the most experienced professional. The nuances of the legal process, the tedium of the deposition process, and the rigors of the courtroom require that professionals who serve as expert witnesses acquire skills extending well beyond their technical or scientific disciplines. In this webinar series, we will provide an overview of the world of expert testimony and the legal parameters governing expert witnesses.

Our foundational sessions focus upon the legal issues relevant to experts, professional parameters, dynamics working with retaining counsel and interfacing with opposing counsel, perceptions of the judge and jurors, and the additional challenges presented by the litigants, human nature, and the economics of litigation.

Our sessions on communication skills focus upon incorporating the Eight Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication into expert testimony so that the expert can clearly convey complex professional, technical and scientific opinions and concepts to juries of non-experts. With the storytelling skills that we introduce in these sessions, experts will gain an understanding of how the concepts of passion, conflict, crossroads, the story beneath the story, silence and leveraging are used to engage the judge and jurors with compelling and persuasive testimony.

The Webinars

*This Series is free of charge to members of the Expert Witness Exchange.

*All start times are 1:00pm EST,  12 noon Central,  11:00am Mountain,  10:00am Pacific

* The duration of each webinar is one hour

Wednesday June 27th

Expert Testimony - Where Truth & Advocacy collide

Wednesday July 11th

Dynamics of Expert Testimony

Wednesday July 25th

Strategies of the Most Effective Expert Witnesses

Wednesday August 1st

Direct Testimony: "The Whole Truth and Persuasion"

Wednesday August 8th

Surviving Cross-Examination

Wednesday August 15th

10 Ways Attorneys Kill Their Own Experts - And 10 Ways That Experts Can Protect Themselves

Wednesday August 22nd

Storytelling for the Expert Witness - The Eight Fundamentals Of Breakthrough Communication

Wednesday August 29th

Storytelling for the Expert Witness - Transforming expert Opinions into a compelling story

Upon completion of the webinar series, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the legal and professional parameters that govern expert witnesses

  • Distinguish between testimony that is objective and unbiased and testimony that has

    evolved into advocacy.

  • Explain how judges and jurors embrace expert testimony and evaluate expert


  • Distinguish between approaches used for direct testimony and testimony under


  • Describe proven communication fundamentals that render expert testimony much

    more persuasive.

  • Outline strategic direct examination questions.

  • Identify the characteristics of powerful and credible narrative testimony that are

    readily embraced by the judge and jurors.

  • Coordinate with counsel in a manner that maximizes the impact of the expert’s


  • Describe the structure of effective cross-examination for the opposing expert.

  • Recognize the unnecessary risks often introduced by witnesses, the litigants and


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